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About Me

Hi! I'm Jaime. I'm your travel advisor! Originally Colombian, living in the US for many years now, Software Engineer by profession, but always passionate for travel and for learning more about our world.

I started traveling for work, yet always kept curious and willing to explore more and more even during those work trips. Then I had the chance to traveling for pleasure, internationally. Changing countries of course opened and changed my world, and once I had the opportunity to explore far beyond my new city, I never stopped. 

With time, thanks to my own trips, the experience and knowledge acquired, reading and reading and photographing and memorizing maps and data, I started giving information and advice to my friends, coworkers, family. Soon I started "sending" people to their first adventures, sharing all my abilities with them. I started hearing the "you're so good at this, you made my trip possible! you should do this for others, turn it into a business, make it professional!" and well... life flows, there's a moment for everything, and here I am, now bringing this to you, with all the knowledge that keeps growing and growing, backed up by the fantastic Fora Travel group, obtained my certification with them, and willing to get you wherever you want and making your vacation or any type of trip you want, the best possible experience.

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